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Reading is breathing in.

Writing is breathing out.

—Pam Allyn

Being that kid who wanted to grow up to be a writer? Yup, that’s me. Hundreds of scribbled pages, head in the clouds, desk drawers filled with notebooks & floppy discs (I’m dating myself here) with tales that went on endlessly and never seemed to finish, but boy, I thought if I could get it all down on paper, they would be great. From age five, I’ve always known. Isn’t that crazy? At age five, I knew I wanted to be a writer. My first book was called, Me and My Alien Friend, and I still have a copy. I wrote it on construction paper, folded the pages, drew illustrations with crayons, and showed it to my friends. I was in kindergarten and thought it was a masterpiece.

Flash forward to high school, years of writing on loose leaf (stacks of half-finished books), working on my dad’s incredibly slow computer, and eventually my own laptop, and the writing keeps coming—a whole lot of writing. But there’s always been a problem: I could never get over the hump. Many of the stories went unfinished. Numerous works went in the delete file or were lost.

But then I discovered suspense—and it’s been a light bulb moment. I finally found my genre. Suspense is my jam. Suspense is what keeps me writing. It’s what makes me want to get to the end. And I have fun putting all the pieces together; solving my whodunits. With suspense, I have my writing space.

And now, with several books finished, I have an agent—the fabulous Rachel Beck with Holloway Literary—and she thinks my books can be published. She believes other people will enjoy them too. And you know what? I think it’s time. I think she’s right. Rachel is currently shopping my projects to publishers and we have several more ideas in the wings. I’ve never been more excited!!

So here’s to the wait…

And here’s to finding out if someone will buy my stories.

If I’ll become a published author like I’ve always dreamed.

And I’ll keep writing. Because the stories are still buzzing around in my head—dozens of them. Wild stories. Fictional stories. Plenty of suspense. And if I’m lucky, plenty more to come.

Because, thinking back, when I was just five, Me and my Alien Friend was only just the beginning.

Books by Georgina Cross

FALLING THROUGH WATER (83,000 words) and CAROUSEL (90,000 words) are works of suspense fiction. I am currently represented by Rachel Beck of Holloway Literary with my fiction appealing to readers of Girl on a Train, The Good Girl, and The Marriage Lie.

I have a degree in Mass Communication, with an emphasis in journalism and speech communications from Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!). I’m the Workforce Development Director for the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber in Huntsville, AL, and also the Founder & President of Susie’s Wish 501(c)(3), a non-profit organization which sends patients with life threatening illnesses to the beach.

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