Night Magnolia

My suspense novel, NIGHT MAGNOLIA, is complete at 88,000 words and is based on a childhood experience when a similar crime occurred. The story begins the night of a murder as witnessed by a sixteen year old girl and chapters alternate between the murdered woman’s final year of life and the effect the murder has on the teenage witness.

Two legs sticking out from beneath a car. The delicate, white cotton of the woman’s nightgown. Those are the images sixteen-year-old Emma can’t get out of her mind when she sees Mrs. Virginia’s husband run her down in the front yard. But that’s not all Emma witnesses in their sleepy, Louisiana town that releases a domino effect of strange behavior. First, by everyone at school. And then, by the dead woman’s son.

As Emma struggles to distance herself from the crime, the story is fueled with flashbacks from Virginia. Hadn’t Virginia had it all? Loving husband. Money. A good son. But when her good life began to fall apart, when the simplest of pleasures had started not to go her way, she thought of a way out. Trouble was, making the right choices had never suited her heart. And as Virginia’s tragic choices plunged her into a world of danger, murder, and lies, the family’s shocking secret results in a truth that no one is yet ready to hear.

Falling Through Water

A thirteen-year-old girl from an affluent family goes missing the same night as her neighbor’s house burns to the ground. Coincidence? Or did something more sinister happen between the young girl and her stepmother? Because as the story goes: there’s always the wicked stepmother. And there’s always the girl fighting for her own independence. But is that what you want to believe? And if there’s one thing about this family, something they can prove, you can’t know what’s happening behind closed doors—same goes for their neighbors.

And that night, the race to find the young girl. A ticking clock with very few clues to be found. A jumpy stepmother, an increasingly anxious father. And a detective who thinks she knows what happened—until she doesn’t, and everything is flipped right upside down. The surprise is revealed and it’s one no one saw coming.

If These Woods Could Talk

In 1985, 13-year-old Coralynn Rose was killed when she snuck out of the house at night and her body was left in the woods. Her killer was never found.

Thirty years later, Sarah Larson's husband has left her for another woman. Distraught, Sarah transfers to a teaching job at a small, Appalachian town where she soon finds out the people of Blue Mountain like to talk. They tell her about a murder: the one of a young girl more than thirty years ago where the family may have tried to cover it up. But Sarah isn’t the only one asking questions. She learns about the best-selling author, Charis Tanner, who returned home a year earlier to write about the murder. But half-way through the book, the author dies in a tragic accident, and now there is an unfinished manuscript with clues Sarah is almost certain could be pointing to the real killer.

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